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Liero DOS Utility Liero Editor v2.50.5 - (180 downloads) - This editor features very good skin and level editors. Use left and right arrow keys in the main menu to select English. Includes a readme in English now. :) This editor may not work on all systems. Try a DOS emulator like DOSBox if you encounter problems. Author: fra.iesus. Archive date: 2001-11-03. (131KiB)
Liero DOS Utility Liero Level Preview Maker - (99 downloads) - This used to be the program we ran to make the level previews on the 'Levels' download page. There is no readme/manual of any kind, but it's simple to use. This is the only program that converts levels and powerlevels to bitmaps AND adds shadows like they would look in Liero. Shadows can be turned on or off. Converts all levels to bmp when started normally. Can convert one level if its icon is dropped on a shortcut to this program. The only downside is that the program is slow. I uploaded this for all other Liero webmasters. Author: TimV. Archive date: 2001-04-02. (42KiB)
Liero DOS Utility LieroEd 2.07+ - (11 downloads) - With this DOS program you can change the palette, increase the amount of blood and edit the weapons in Liero. Its weapon editor is not as powerful as LieroKit, as it cannot change properties of objects and explosions. However, this updated version (by TimV) does allow all 50 weapon properties to be changed. Author: Erik Lundin. Archive date: 2001-01-07. (67KiB)
Liero DOS Utility MoreBlod - (115 downloads) - This utility enables Liero to have up to 32750% of blood. Don't download if you run Windows. Get Wormhole or LieroKit or LieroM8 etc. instead. Author: Zander Zoftware. Archive date: 2000-06-29. (8KiB)
Liero DOS Utility Liero Patches - (86 downloads) - All versions of Liero prior to 1.04 have a bug that prevent them from running on Pentium Pro/II 200MHz or faster machines. They will crash on startup. This archive contains three patches (one for v0.52, v0.60 and v1.02) that apply a workaround so they can be played on these machines. These patches were based on 'TPPATCH' by Andreas Bauer. Author: TimV. Archive date: 2001-04-09. (5KiB)
Liero DOS Utility Lev Tools v1.1 - (135 downloads) - With Liero LevTools you can convert windows bitmaps (504x350 24bit) to Liero Levels and back again. (Quoted from the readme of levtools) Its basically a more simple Level Editor which shows more than 190 colors available within Liero to build levels with. Included is a helping BMP. You will need an external image editor as this program does not include a paint like interface. Author: TimV. Archive date: 2000-10-19. (298KiB)
Liero DOS Utility NGL Level Compiler - (88 downloads) - From the readme: This tool (NGL Level Compiler) was designed to make map creation easier and faster. Now you will be able to create maps using any LPL palette (NGL Palette Splitter will create a set Photoshop and PaintShop Pro palettes basing on the basing on the LPL file), using any number of layers (you can split your level to several bitmaps having pink as the transparent color) and using any kind of BMP file (you are no longer limited to true color 24-bit BMP files that eat your hard disk space like crazy). The only catch is that currently NGLTools lacks any kind of GUI. - TimV: I managed to run the palette splitter, but I have not succeeded in compiling a level with this tool. If you know how this works and you have used it, please write a howto in the guestbook. I will add the info here. Author: Patrys. Archive date: 2002-02-02. (49KiB)
Liero DOS Utility Spanish Patch - (75 downloads) - This patch transforms everything in Liero into Spanish for all you Spanish speaking people. Author: Jorge Alberto Marino. Archive date: 2001-07-22. (17KiB)
Liero DOS Utility Snd Tools v1.3 - (105 downloads) - Utility for Liero sound editing. Snd Tools is one of the first utils towards extreme liero modding. This tool lets you modify the liero soundbank. Just extract the sounds you want tot change. The sounds are saved as WAV-files. Edit them using your favorite wave-editor (or replace them with your own WAV files) and build a new soundbank using Snd Tools. Author: TimV. Archive date: 2007-01-21. (234KiB)
Liero DOS Utility Screen Thief v2.01 - (96 downloads) - This is a utility to capture screens. It can be used to make screenshots of Liero during gameplay. (1) Run Screen Thief like this: 'st /key:58 /sh:off'. This will make F12 the hot-key. (2) Start Liero as usual in the same DOS window/session. F12 now saves a BMP screenshot. Author: Villa Software. Archive date: 1998-09-12. (36KiB)
Liero DOS Utility Liero Stuff Activator v0.88 - (331 downloads) - Utility for activating Liero add-ons. It activates levels, powerlevels, (unofficial) powerlevel v2 (unfortunately not many exist), graphic mods (CHR), soundbanks (SND), fonts (LFT), palettes (LPL/PAL) and last but not least, LieroKit Weapon plugins (LWP)! The program can also extract the palette, weapons (to LWPs) and the font. There is no weapon editor, but you could try to edit the LWP files by hand using a normal text editor. (this last option for experts only) Author: TimV. Archive date: 2002-04-23. (55KiB)