Liero Total Conversions

To play any of the 'Total Conversions' from this category on DOS you don't need anything extra. Just run LIERO.EXE. To play them on Windows or Mac, extract the contents of the zip file into the same folder as your copy of Liero 1.36 or Liero 1.35b2, replacing the original data files. Then run the game as normal and it will load the modified data files.

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Liero Total Conversion Tank Wars - (100 downloads) - Interesting TC with some well made original weapons and some others borrowed. It features the usual heavy modding and its pretty fun to play with :) Author: Gabriel Ong. Archive date: 2001-06-03. (367KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero with a Vengeance - (80 downloads) - This TC includes levels based on old Lode Runner graphics. Overall this mod is good, but the sounds may get a little annoying. Author: Tobias Lundmark. Archive date: 2001-08-16. (519KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero: Operation Destruction v2 - (100 downloads) - New sounds, 2 levels. All new or edited weapons. Author: Gibber McGee. Archive date: 2013-05-08. (458KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Magnars Lieromod - (60 downloads) - This TC is kinda weird, it has powerful and weak weapons, nice gfx and overall good playability. There are lots of setting combos you can use with this mod, well you'll just have to download and try it. Author: Magnar. Archive date: 2001-05-03. (693KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Matthew Reilly Liero v1.2 - (71 downloads) - This TC is based on books written by writer Matthew Reilly. The weapons in it are quite excellent. An excellent TC eventhough i havent read any of MR's books :) Author: Jelly King. Archive date: 2002-08-26. (431KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Demolitions - (83 downloads) - This TC of Liero, which includes a .dat file, new sounds, 40 new weapons and a graphic mod. The sounds and weapons are great. It could have had a level to go with it. You will need Lierokit v1.6B2 to activate this mod. Author: Neuralize. Archive date: 2001-05-18. (659KiB)
Liero Total Conversion QLiero - (74 downloads) - This TC made by blakkie is based on Quake 1. It has lots of the original weapons coverted in Liero, new skins and some sounds too. Author: blakkie. Archive date: 2001-05-14. (455KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Toxic Vans - (77 downloads) - Apparently this is the first ever Colombian TC so thats good! Its basically SNES game's based with some very nice levels and overall decent playability and weapon stability. By Schnauzer. Author: Schnauzer. Archive date: 2004-05-17. (1.5MiB)
Liero Total Conversion Tank Wars II - (156 downloads) - A TC very well adapted to its theme, Tank Wars. Featuring 4 very good levels, an excellent character mod that turns worms into tanks and KICKASS weapons, this TC must be downloaded after reading this review! :P Author: Runestorm. Archive date: 2002-03-18. (545KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Confec Vs. Sharks - (56 downloads) - The character mod of this TC is not so good but the weapons are excellent. Author: Fudge Puppy. Archive date: 2001-04-22. (351KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Max Payne - (122 downloads) - A-m-a-z-i-n-g! Ian Houghton rocks the liero world once again with this very detailed TC inspired by the game Max Payne. Good work! Author: Ian Houghton. Archive date: 2013-05-08. (379KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Ninja Liero - (125 downloads) - This TC has great new weapons. The game has a mission that has to be played in its own level. Check out the readme file for details. Its pretty cool. Author: Rammstein. Archive date: 2001-03-22. (381KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Realistic - (186 downloads) - Cool music intro, cool sounds! (AAAAHHHH! - Hey, you asked for it!), nice levels, shitty keyboard settings :P, cool weapons. Try this one! It's fun! Author: Atte Suomi. Archive date: 2001-09-16. (697KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Tournament 2005 - (127 downloads) - 40 new weapons (26x UT, 12x UT 2004, 2 fictitious), changed weapon graphics, original sounds, 11 new levels. Some useful hints for playing are in the readme. Author: MIIII. Archive date: 2005-05-11. (848KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Pomac v0.5 - (76 downloads) - A weird TC. The character mod and weapons are good, but the levels are moderate. Author: Pomac. Archive date: 2001-12-09. (482KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Rainbow Six - (122 downloads) - This is TC for Liero based on the game Rainbow six. With sounds taken from the game and a few sweet weapons. The mod is nice and the level is ok. You will need Lierokit v1.6B2 to activate the theme pack. Updated version! Author: Yue-hin Loke. Archive date: 2001-03-27. (985KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Submarines - (176 downloads) - A very innovative and good Liero TC. You play with submarines instead of worms, beneath the sea, using special submarine weapons. Very well made. Author: YH. Archive date: 1999-02-13. (1MiB)
Liero Total Conversion QLiero 2 - (89 downloads) - This is a BIG improvement over QLiero 1. This TC now includes a very dark, quake style powerlevel, 12 quake weapons, quake sounds. This is truely Quake2D deathmatch. ;D Author: blakkie. Archive date: 2001-05-24. (544KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Unreal Tournament - (104 downloads) - Good Unreal Tournament edition of Liero by the maker of the wicked DBZ TC. It's a shame the minimap cannot be seen. Author: Jelly King. Archive date: 2014-12-31. (381KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Covert Operations - (107 downloads) - This TC has 1500% health and 0% loading times by default. Includes one very open level and one level full of special rock. If you like to play with 0% loadingtimes (Dragonball Z fights :P) try this one. This 'prototype version' contains a bug that the author calls -ThE KiLlEr GlItCh-. Watch your step when rock starts disappearing. Author: Fudge Puppy. Archive date: 2001-09-25. (378KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Unreal Tournament v1.1 - (120 downloads) - An updated version of the original TC. Much better than the first one! Download it now. I said now! :D Author: Jelly King. Archive date: 2014-12-31. (406KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Quake 3 TC - (110 downloads) - Another Quake TC, this time based on Quake 3. Features nice gameplay and good arena-like levels. Graphics and sounds are changed. Author: Gary Lloyd. Archive date: 2001-05-18. (565KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Unreal Tournament (Ian Houghton’s edition) - (79 downloads) - Another excellent TC by the unforgettable creator of the Max Payne TC. Comments are not needed for Ian's work, download and see for yourself. Good work once again mate! :D Author: Ian Houghton. Archive date: 2002-02-16. (511KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Pro Mode Final - (180 downloads) - Super fast gameplay in this TC. Weapons are powerful, but the worms move faster too. Everything is tweaked for maximum speed in the game, which is very cool! You must try this one! ;) Includes 13 levels. Author: Biernath John. Archive date: 2001-12-11. (718KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Red Faction - (115 downloads) - This nice TC was inspired by the PC game Red Faction. Features two players, 18 technologically advanced weapons and 2 stunning levels. Action packed and nicely designed. Author: Ian Houghton. Archive date: 2013-05-08. (385KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Counterstrike Liero v2.2b - (253 downloads) - This TC is an excellent port of Half-Life: Counterstrike to Liero. It has 4 good game modes and very good weapons. The pallete used is dark and the worm mods are perfect. One of the best TC's out there. Author: Radon. Archive date: 2002-01-27. (595KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Black Winds - (120 downloads) - This TC contains quite balanced weapons. Very original weapons too, like Turret, a bullet shooting missile, Ion Cannon, a powerful but hard to handle laser weapon and a lot of other cool weapons. Includes a nice commando mod and new sounds. Author: Black Wind. Archive date: 2001-06-07. (430KiB)
Liero Total Conversion DBZ Liero - (177 downloads) - A very good TC inspired by my all-time favourite anime, Dragonball Z. Features an amazing DBZ weapon pack, a level and Super Sayajin worms! Author: Jelly King. Archive date: 2002-01-13. (412KiB)
Liero Total Conversion LieroDinos 1.5 - (92 downloads) - Cool cartoon dino graphics, cartoon style sounds 2 levels and new weapons. Author: J. Salmi. Archive date: 2001-08-29. (474KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Fire Liero - (77 downloads) - GOOD stuff! Everything in this TC has to do with fire. Brought to you by a true pyromaniac. Author: Johan Otterud. Archive date: 2002-02-05. (522KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero eXtraktion - (86 downloads) - Stunning! This is one of the very few TCs that have their own palettes and sound. Also features AMAZING weapons, two levels and a nice mod. Totally worth downloading. Author: NTeC. Archive date: 2002-03-04. (468KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Wormz of the Apocalypse - (91 downloads) - Nice devil-looking worms and vivid colours in this mod. Really cool weapons as well. Author: Fudge Puppy. Archive date: 2001-04-22. (327KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Chicken Liero - (103 downloads) - Another weird one, this time involving chickens :P Its not bad actually, with a few nice weapons and mods. Author: 720 Japan Air. Archive date: 2001-10-06. (396KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Assassin Edition - (137 downloads) - This is an unbelievably well made. It has new sounds, graphic mods, fonts and amazing new weapons. I suggest you try it out now! Author: Renton Ziegler. Archive date: 2001-04-14. (337KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Dudes 58 - (56 downloads) - An OK TC. Features a blueish level and nice weapons. Author: Donna Hung. Archive date: 2001-10-22. (436KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Wizards of Liero - (208 downloads) - This class TC features a kickass character mod with a lovely blood effect, amazing and well designed innovative weapons, and 4 very good levels. Again, another must have for your TC collection. Good work, keep it up. :D Author: Gotenks666. Archive date: 2002-03-22. (526KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Ghost Busters - (85 downloads) - Fun TC with very original weapons. Cool sound and nice graphics. It does freeze occationally though. Author: YH. Archive date: 1980-01-26. (922KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Aliens Liero - (95 downloads) - A very nice TC inspired by the movie Aliens. The players take the role of two competing aliens from different hives. Features: kickass weapons and a Hive level. Author: Ian Houghton. Archive date: 2001-12-21. (358KiB)
Liero Total Conversion KALi v1.4 - (72 downloads) - A most Excellent TC made by Krymzon! It features excellent weapons combined with fast pased action packed gameplay giving you the ultimate Liero Experience. This is probably the last version of KALi :(. Author: Krymzon. Archive date: 2002-02-20. (420KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Liero Mark2 XP - (141 downloads) - This TC features some of the best level's ive seen in a TC so far! Combined with very good weapons it makes a pretty neat TC! Great job. Author: Patrys. Archive date: 2002-02-08. (497KiB)
Liero Total Conversion LieroXFE v2.0 - (74 downloads) - (XSE re-release, among other things: imbalances corrected and flashy explosions added). Super fast Liero. Run "liero.exe /s2" or else it will be super slow Liero. ;) Author: Leon. Archive date: 2002-02-09. (398KiB)
Liero Total Conversion Warhammer 40k theme - (124 downloads) - Work in progress TC. Weapon mod based on Warhammer 40.000. 22 new weapons. Author: Roburky. Archive date: 2001-07-16. (416KiB)