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Liero Windows Utility Liero Graphics Editor - (165 downloads) - This program is obsolete. Get Wormhole 2.0 instead, it includes a better editor for the graphics!

This utility let's you repaint the different objects in the game such as weapon projectiles, in-game explosions and of course the worms! Check out the Mods section to download Liero Graphic Mods (Skins). If you get an error trying to run this utility try installing the VB5 runtimes. Author: Johan Otterud. Archive date: 2000-04-01. (35KiB)
Liero Windows Utility Liero Level Info Generator v2.1 - (131 downloads) - Executable Level Description Generator. It shows a level preview in the background too! Description files are very small. It is possible to change the texts used in the program by making a custom language file. Check the readme for some details. Created originally for Liga Liero. Author: Krzysztof 'Chris' Przybyła. Archive date: 2002-06-15. (59KiB)
Liero Windows Utility LieroKit v1.6b2 - (873 downloads) - LieroKit (like LieroM8) is a multifunctional Liero mod tool. It includes a level browser and converter, its own sound tools, a Liero AI editor, a weapon editor, an object hacker, theme creator. It can install the weapon plugins found on this site. Requires the VB5 Runtime files (2mb) to run. To edit the weapons click on the small arrow button on the top right of the LieroKit window. Author: Gliptic. Archive date: 2001-01-31. (173KiB)
Liero Windows Utility Liero CDC 2.7 - (292 downloads) - This is a pretty fast application that does all your basic Liero hacking. It is basically a converter, or as the name indicates a compiler/decompiler. The application does not contain any editors for CHR mods and levels, but it can convert them from and to windows BMP files (also has Powerlevel support). It does have a weapon editor and can also install LWP. It has several general hacks (e.g. ninja rope color) and a material editor. Author: Delfi. Archive date: 2002-12-27. (276KiB)
Liero Windows Utility MB Maker - (90 downloads) - This utility creates executable readme files for your Liero creations so you can tag them easily. Author: TimV. Archive date: 2000-12-31. (275KiB)
Liero Windows Utility Liero Hacker v0.8+2 - (320 downloads) - Must have for ppl that want to do some serious Liero modding. This program can change a lot of different aspects of the game. This program hacks the liero.exe to create cool effects in the game! Get this if you really want to change the gameplay aspects of Liero. Author: Gliptic. Archive date: 2002-11-24. (41KiB)
Liero Windows Utility MBcreator - (74 downloads) - MBcreator is an application which can create message box EXE-files with custom message and title in as low as 1024 bytes! The files created by this tool are much smaller than MB Maker's output, but MBcreator doesn't include a nice icon and it has no standard layout for the messageboxes. However, if size is all you care about, download this util. Author: Gliptic. Archive date: 2002-07-15. (2KiB)
Liero Windows Utility Wormhole v2.0 - (846 downloads) - A must for Liero level / mod makers. One of the best Liero level makers. It features a MS Paint like interface, but it includes lots of specialized tools like textures, objects, pattern fill etc. Wormhole is able to change a lot of aspects in the game and save these preferences in a level file. If you would like to make your own levels for Liero this tool simply cant be missing from your Liero collection. Besides a level editor it also includes a skin editor for CHR files. Have fun and if you make any kickass levels don't forget to email them to us so we can post them here. Author: Johan Otterud. Archive date: 2007-03-30. (2.1MiB)
Liero Windows Utility Lev Tools v1.1-dbx - (78 downloads) - This is LevTools v1.1 packaged with DOSBox-X 0.82.20. Use the batch file "Start LevTools.bat" to start LevTools. Includes some awesome new textures! :-) Author: Tim Verweij. Archive date: 2019-08-01. (3.3MiB)
Liero Windows Utility PL2edit v0.95b - (183 downloads) - The best PowerLevel2 format editor out there. Quote from his page "With PL2edit 0.95b you can easily create PL2 levels with an own palette, materials, respawning rectangles, fatal borders, custom regenerating background and much more!". Also very good for editing regular Powerlevels. Author: Gliptic. Archive date: 2002-11-22. (45KiB)
Liero Windows Utility CharEd (Character Editor) - (151 downloads) - This is a program that lets you edit the text of the Liero menu, suicide message, kill message and more! One great program if you intend to make Total Conversions. Author: Nat Allan. Archive date: 2001-05-13. (18KiB)
Liero Windows Utility LieroM8 v1.9.2 - (546 downloads) - Get this if you are looking for a good Liero editor! This is a Swiss army knife or multitool for Liero. It may be all you need. It can view / activate / convert most Liero add-ons like weapons and powerlevels etcetera and it can change a lot of other settings and hacks in Liero. Author: Zander Zoftware. Archive date: 2003-05-06. (403KiB)
Liero Windows Utility Liero Stuff Activator v0.88-dbx - (50 downloads) - This is Liero Stuff Activator v0.88 packaged with DOSBox-X 0.82.20 for Windows. Use the batch file "Start Liero Stuff Activator.bat" to start the program. Utility for activating Liero add-ons. It activates levels, powerlevels, (unofficial) powerlevel v2 (unfortunately not many exist), graphic mods (CHR), soundbanks (SND), fonts (LFT), palettes (LPL/PAL) and last but not least, LieroKit Weapon plugins (LWP)! The program can also extract the palette, weapons (to LWPs) and the font. There is no weapon editor, but you could try to edit the LWP files by hand using a normal text editor. (this last option for experts only) Author: TimV. Archive date: 2019-08-01. (2.9MiB)