Liero latest version

Liero is best described as realtime Worms. The graphics are great if you like pixel art since it's only played at a 320x200 VGA resolution. The gameplay however is what makes this game great! The game is split screen and can be played with 2 people (both players use the keyboard simultaneously) or against an AI controlled enemy. Choose your favorite 5 out of 40 weapons to blow your enemy to tiny bits. Use your ninja rope to escape quickly or to launch a surprise attack. Switch weapons by collecting bonus pickups. You get the picture. :-)

Liero Version Liero 1.38o (orbmit edition) for Windows - (985 downloads) - This is the fork of Liero made by and for the community of Liero players in Göteborg. Compared to Liero 1.36 it contains:
  • an upgrade to SDL 2
  • borderless window fullscreen
  • single screen replay. Views the full map in replays
  • spectator window. View the full map in a separate window for spectators or streaming
  • updated video replay processing
  • ability to view spawn point when dead (off by default)
  • fix for occasional stuttering
  • 1.38o no longer requires any exotic processor extensions

Due to being forked from an unreleased improved version of Liero 1.36, it also contains the following changes:

  • AI improvements
  • menu reorganization
  • new game mode "Scales of Justice"
  • massively improved total conversion support
  • various other changes
See Liero orbmit edition on GitHub Author: Joosa Riekinnen, Gliptic, Anders Höckersten, Emil Laine. Archive date: 2018-05-10. (1.1MiB)
Liero Version Liero 1.38o for Mac (64-bit) - (228 downloads) - macOS 64-bit version of Liero 1.38o. Requires macOS Big Sur 11.2 or later. Note: Apparently you need to have some dependencies installed: SDL2 and SDL2_image. You can install these using Homebrew. This version keeps all of the profiles and TC files inside the .app folder, in the Resources folder. Unfortunately, the app cannot be modified because if you do the slightest change to the TC files it will crash when you open it. Compiled by Joel VanFarowe. Author: Joosa Riekinnen, Gliptic, Anders Höckersten, Emil Laine. Archive date: 2021-07-16. (3.6MiB)
Liero Version Liero 1.36 for Mac (32-bit) - (1380 downloads) - Mac OS X version of Liero 1.36. It should work on Intel based Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion up to macOS 10.14 Mojave. Note: It will not work on macOS 10.15 Catalina or later. To start the game, double click the 'Run Liero.command' file. Provided to you by TimV. :-) Author: Joosa Riekinnen & Gliptic. Archive date: 2014-12-06. (798KiB)
Liero Version Liero 1.33 for DOS - (372 downloads) - Last DOS-only version of Liero. Author: Joosa Riekinnen. Archive date: 1999-02-13. (380KiB)