Liero latest version

Liero is best described as realtime Worms. The graphics are great if you like pixel art since it's only played at a 320x200 VGA resolution. The gameplay however is what makes this game great! The game is split screen and can be played with 2 people (both players use the keyboard simultaneously) or against an AI controlled enemy. Choose your favorite 5 out of 40 weapons to blow your enemy to tiny bits. Use your ninja rope to escape quickly or to launch a surprise attack. Switch weapons by collecting bonus pickups. You get the picture. :-)

Liero Version Liero 1.38o (orbmit edition) for Windows - (567 downloads) - This is the fork of Liero made by and for the community of Liero players in Göteborg. Compared to Liero 1.36 it contains:
  • an upgrade to SDL 2
  • borderless window fullscreen
  • single screen replay. Views the full map in replays
  • spectator window. View the full map in a separate window for spectators or streaming
  • updated video replay processing
  • ability to view spawn point when dead (off by default)
  • fix for occasional stuttering
  • 1.38o no longer requires any exotic processor extensions

Due to being forked from an unreleased improved version of Liero 1.36, it also contains the following changes:

  • AI improvements
  • menu reorganization
  • new game mode "Scales of Justice"
  • massively improved total conversion support
  • various other changes
See Liero orbmit edition on GitHub Author: Joosa Riekinnen, Gliptic, Anders Höckersten, Emil Laine. Archive date: 2018-05-10. (1.1MiB)
Liero Version Liero 1.36 for Mac OS X - (1227 downloads) - This is the most recent Mac OS X version of Liero. It should work on Intel based Macs running OS X 10.7 (aka Lion) or later. To start the game, double click the 'Run Liero.command' file. Provided to you by TimV. :-) Author: Joosa Riekinnen & Gliptic. Archive date: 2014-12-06. (798KiB)
Liero Version Liero 1.33 for DOS - (242 downloads) - Last DOS-only version of Liero. Author: Joosa Riekinnen. Archive date: 1999-02-13. (380KiB)